You may not know it right now,
but your life just got a little better.

We create custom strategies for select automotive businesses by incorporating proven techniques in Cost Reduction, Process Development, Customer Experience Improvement, Team Building, and Team Training.

STRATEGY — We work closely with you to tackle the toughest challenges you face, create innovative solutions, achieve measurable results, and drive additional profit to your bottom line.

FOCUS — Our unwavering focus on strategy will deliver easy-to-use solutions to help you in the daily operations of your business.

EXPERTISE — Our front line experience and a long history of serving the automotive industry allow understanding and the ability to share with you what is needed to ensure your success.

INTEGRITY — Our techniques emphasize the highest ethics and standards in business operations to guarantee your team and customers enthusiasm.


  Mark Oberlies


Mark Oberlies is a long time automotive enthusiast who also enjoys helping people. Since 1990, he has been deeply involved in the automotive community both in the independent sector and the dealership sector. As one who is not afraid to ask “Why”, this has led Mark down some very interesting paths and opportunities - many times helping to pioneer a “New Way” of doing things.

He has worked closely with several industry leaders (i.e. Valvoline, Saturn Corporation, American Tire Distributors, General Motors) to help them take a “Concept” and make it a reality by establishing simple procedures that could be shared throughout the industry.  

With his strong belief that we must all give back to our community and industry, Mark has set the example by his involvement with local community colleges, high schools and other activities designed to help young people looking to improve themselves.




“I have worked with Mark for the past five years. Three of those have been on a director/GM level. Mark is detail-oriented and very knowledgeable in the service field.” — Dave Francisco

“Mark has been a colleague of mine since 1991. He is results-oriented and has a good eye for the big picture. He is comfortable and confident in both the sales arena and service arena. Mark is a 'keeper' for any team.” May 26, 2008 — Brad Calvert, General Manager

“Mark Oberlies has seen every aspect of the automotive business model. Through time, Mark has developed and refined processes that can add to any bottom line. These include HR processes, Red Flag issues, sales, service and parts programs, CRM plans and even office supply purchases. These programs worked for me while I was service manager of Saturn of Scottsdale in Arizona” — Mark Redding

“Mark is one of those good, honest people you truly enjoy working with, and one who eventually becomes your good friend. He does what he says he is going to do, and I've never doubted his ability to to make the best of any challenge in his path.” — Thom Hiatt, Communications Manager




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